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    Hub City Field House – Special Announcements

    The Fieldhouse will be closed Sunday, April 5th to celebrate Easter!  Happy Easter! 

    New Softball Pitching Instructor – Miranda Bleisch

    We are extremely excited to announce that Miranda Bleisch is now providing softball pitching instruction at the Fieldhouse.  Originally from the Netherlands, Miranda has a wealth of international and college experience both as a player and coach.  She was a two-time NAIA All-American pitcher, was inducted into her schools’ Hall of Fame, and represented her country on the Dutch National Team for several years.  Miranda also served as a coach at San Diego State University from 2005-2011.  Call and schedule a pitching lesson with Miranda today!

    Lessons from Matt Miller, Steve Mims, Bo Altobelli, Randy Gattis, Kendra Olinghouse … 

    Lessons are starting to increase as we head into October.  Be sure and secure your player’s spot for this fall and winter by beginning your recurring lessons with one of our quality instructors today.  Instructors include Matt Miller, Steve Mims, Bo Altobelli, Randy Gattis, Kendra Olinghouse, Miranda Bleisch and K’Leigh Arredondo.

    Corporate Sponsorship Program

    Ask about our new Corporate Sponsorship Program!  t’s a great way to get the advertising your company needs along with the Membership that you or your employees want.  Before you get ready to pay for a Membership yourself, do you and your company a favor – consider the Corporate Sponsorship Program with Hub City Fieldhouse!

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